Christic energy


Throughout my life on Earth I called for renunciation of the habits and beliefs preventing union with the soul.

Connection to the soul begins where submission ends – submission to all forms of authority and power, to the invisible bayonet opening the way to apathy and indifference. The challenge to the guardians of conscience is to let go. Today as more than 2000 years ago, my goal is to help overcome all obstacles to the drive for freedom.

A vibration of Universal Love waits to be awakened in the heart of every human being. Newborns are nourished by this connection to the Source of Life and their main mission is to cross the abysses of existence along the bridge connecting the mysteries of their own reality with those of cosmic creation. This bridge is Christic energy.

Communication with the spiritual spheres is assured by another bridge: the individual’s vibratory structure, the interpenetrating subtle bodies. What incarnate consciousness calls “death” is just the abandonment of a form of densified energy, the passage to manifestation on other vibrational planes. The subtle bodies restructure themselves to adapt to different dimensions – but Life remains.

Incarnation cycles on Earth help release frequencies adverse to communion with the Source. Their purpose is to elevate consciousness to the cosmic plane of Christic energy.

Those who integrate in themselves the vibrations of this energy open the channel uniting their different bodies; moving closer to Source, they prepare the way that others may follow.

To accompany someone in his or her inner search is to share one’s own quest with Love. It is also to celebrate the courage to listen to the voice of the heart and to act in full liberty.

Transmitted by Jeshua to Teresa
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