Cosmic consciousness


The messages gathered here are vehicles of Christic energy, of universal Love. 

When grasped only at the mental level, they are stored in memory more or less clearly. But if embraced by the heart – a link to the soul – the vibrations of the words may have a profound impact. These vibrations will transform your existence. They will transform your perception of yourselves as spiritual beings experiencing incarnation on Earth. 

These celestial vibrations open new paths and I will be walking them with each one of you. I welcome you as your brother, accepting you unconditionally.

Close your eyes, seeking to direct your consciousness into the higher dimensions of yourself. We meet in those realms; thanks to them, we can communicate. 

I want to talk to you today about the connection to the subtle planes woven, as it were, in the density of terrestrial existence. By accessing the different vibratory dimensions of the Earth, you can open consciousness to your own cosmic essence. 

The Earth is part of the harmonious concert of planets, stars, galaxies, universes… Through her many interwoven bodies or dimensions, she has access to very different vibratory frequencies – from the heaviest energies and the most rudimentary forms of consciousness to the infinite subtlety of the spiritual worlds.

Human reality also expresses itself in various dimensions. The ability to move between different worlds, while maintaining the energy balance required for life, is, as you know, a sure sign of spiritual fulfilment.

The connection to the vibratory core which we may call the heart of the galaxy is necessary for Earth’s participation in the life of this universe; in the same way, the conscious or unconscious connection of human beings to the heart of the Earth is indispensable for their survival.

There are complex correspondences between the dimensions involved in the diversity of life forms. But this complexity cannot be grasped by the mind detached from the soul.

Meditation on Unity, the feeling of your divine essence – immersion in universal Love – will bring back into consciousness what you already know as spiritual beings.

Knowledge – total, absolute Knowledge – reveals itself to terrestrial beings in a fragmented way. It is only through an intimate and persistent relationship with subtle dimensions that some aspects emerge into consciousness and are integrated. They then acquire a multiplicity of forms and meanings depending on incarnation experiences and contexts.

A harmonious relationship between the human world and the Earth calls for spiritual communication. I would therefore like to conclude our encounter with a meditation.

By focusing your consciousness in your heart, you may connect with the heart of the Earth and, through it, with the heart of the galaxy. You can then send and receive Love, send and receive an urge for unity.

Find a comfortable position in direct contact with the ground. Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths.

Lay both hands on your heart. When you feel the heartbeat, project your awareness into your etheric body, about six inches from the physical body.

Visualize the blue planet in space and bask in its vibrations. In union with the heart of the Earth, focus your consciousness on the center of the galaxy.

Your hearts are ONE.


Transmitted by Jeshua to Teresa
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